Front Underrun Protection Devices

Front Underrun Protection Devices (FUPDs) improve the overall safety of other road users by minimising the impact of a collision. Dynamic Engineering has recently completed deflection testing on several FUPD’s for K Craft products. The testing was done in accordance with United Nations¬†ECE Reg 93.

An example of the 3D model is given below:

Front Underrun Protection Devices

3D model (rear view) of Bullbar

Deflection plot for load at high position

With Finite Element Analysis the expected deflection of the Front Underrun Protection Devices is determined to see if it within acceptable limits before costly destructive testing is done. The physical testing is done conveniently at the client’s premises. Below a test in progress is shown.


New FUPDs improve safety and increase protection, but could also be very costly or pose a safety risk if not designed properly.  At Dynamic Engineering, we reduce this risk by means of Finite Element Analysis before physical testing is done. A 3D model of the equipment is constructed and loads and constraints are placed on the model to simulate real life use. The resultant stresses and deflections are analysed to ensure a safe working design. Full fabrication drawings and laser cut files can also be produced. Contact us to discuss your requirements.