Forklift Attachment Design

Most fabricators have forklifts on hand and bespoke attachments can make this equipment more versatile and additionally it can make accessing and moving equipment much easier and safer. Dynamic Engineering has the capability to design and certify your forklift attachment in accordance with worksafe requirements. The analysis includes strength as well as stability considerations and takes into account the type of forklift used.

forklift attachments

Maintenance forklift attachments used to remove track wheels

The attachments shown above are used to remove load rollers as per the photo below:

Typical use for forklift attachments


Forklift attachment being used

We are also able to provide details required by the Australian Standards such as lost load, centre of gravity etc. In the example below, the forklift attachment is shown as well as the centre of mass calculations.

forklift attachment

Forklift attachment


Centre of mass