Maintenance Steel Platform Design

A steel platform can provide easy and safe access to equipment for maintenance purposes, which can reduce downtime/shutdown costs. There are several different types of custom made platforms to suit a range of requirements: Maintenance platforms are permanently located around large critical equipment to provide continual access. For a smaller application or one with restricted access, Access Platforms may be the answer to access restricted work areas. If you only need a temporary platform, which can be moved into and out of position, there is a lightweight, movable platform that will suit your needs. And if you are after a more robust mobile platform, please look at steel portable platforms. Dynamic Engineering Consultants can help you with the design of a platform, which will suit your specific needs.

Maintenance Platforms

Maintenance platforms adjacent to the equipment they belong to can provide significant savings in terms of maintenance downtime and other costs. This is especially true for large equipment like Gyratory Crusher main shaft assemblies and Flotation Mixer. These platforms can be custom made for most equipment and installations. Below is a couple of examples of large maintenance platforms designed by Dynamic Engineering Consultants.

Gyratory crusher platform: 3D model

Gyratory crusher platform: actual platform

Flotation cell rotor stand: 3D model

Flotation cell rotor stand: actual platform

Crusher access platform

Crusher access platform

Access Platforms

Occasionally mining operations require tailor made engineering solutions due to space and operational constraints. Below is an example where Dynamic Engineering provided designs for such an access platform extension. The underground platform is suspended from the “back” of the portal and is furthermore connected to an existing platform.

3D model of underground platform

Installed underground platform

Lightweight, Movable Platform

When performing maintenance, lightweight platforms can easily access equipment. Dynamic Engineering can design custom maintenance platforms to suit specific needs. One of our recent projects were to design and analyse a lightweight ball mill inspection platform. This project was recently completed and the maintenance platform used during the shutdown is shown below:

Inspection platform: 3d model and actual platform

Steel Portable Platform

Dynamic Engineering Consultants has completed several portable steel platform designs, which are used for inspections. These platforms are used in the mining industry to inspect, amongst others, excavator buckets and truck trays. The platforms are moved into position with a forklift and are then adjusted and levelled by means of adjustable jacks.

This specific design is certified for 500kg load but can be tailored to the client’s requirements.

830e-platform combined

Portable 830E platform: 3D model and actual platform

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