Transport Cradle Design

Dynamic Engineering Consultants can help you with your new transport cradle design or the analysis of your existing cradles. The goal of the design or analysis is to ensure cradles comply with the National Transportation Council’s load restraint guide. This guide requires that the transport cradle are able to safely withstand specified loads in three directions (longitudinal, vertical and lateral).

Below are some examples of transport frames:

First the transport frame is modelled in a 3D package and prepared for analysis. We typically use solidworks to do this, but we can also use our client’s existing model that is sometimes in other formats.

Transport frame
Modified Transport Frame

The next step is to analyse the frame by applying the required loads, evaluating the stresses and upgrading the model where required. This may include lifting via lifting lugs, forklift guides and the loads required by the load restraint guide.

Analysis of transport frame
Stress plot of the frame during turning

The last steps are to generate detail fabrication drawings and then fabricating the cradle. The fabrication drawing may also include plate developments and lasercut dxf files.

Transport cradle for 785 – 3/5
Stress plot for a CAT C18 transport frame

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