Maintenance Tools Design Certification

Sometimes a specific job requires a particular tool that is not available off the shelf. In these cases, in the interest of safety, the tool may have to be certified for certain loads. Dynamic Engineering can assist our clients by certifying tool designs for certain applications and loads. This maintenance tools design certification is always done against a specific Australian Standard and requires the following:

1) Fixed design (Generally the design is fixed in terms of an accurate drawing that states the processes (welding etc) as well as the material standard and grades.

2) Fixed or specified loads (torque, Force etc).

First the tool is modelled and analysed with Finite Element Analysis. Then the loads are applied and the stresses and deflections are determined. The design is tweaked until the stresses are lower than what is permissible according to the Australian Standards.

Some examples are given below:

Push/Puller Model

maintenance tools design certification

3D model of Hydraulic Push Puller

Stress Analysis of puller

Stress Analysis of Puller

Stress plot of push puller under design load

Lifting bracket

lifting bracket

3D model of lifting bracket

Stress Analysis of lifting bracket

maintenance tools design certification

Stress Plot of lifting Bracket (including bolt stress)

The above are just two of literally hundreds of design certification of maintenance tools we have completed. If you have a specific maintenance tool that you would like to get certified please contact us.