Mobile Aluminium Platforms

Mobile Aluminium platforms and stairways offer a safe way of performing maintenance at elevated positions. As such they provide a cost effective alternative to conventional scaffolding. Furthermore this type of platform is made from Aluminium and maintenance staff can easily move it into place. Further safety features include a self-closing gate and lockable wheels. In addition, jacks can be added to raise the platform to ensure the correct height every time.

Contact Dynamic Engineering to design purpose built mobile Aluminium platforms and stairways to mine specifications.

Below are some examples of recent completed designs.

Completed access stairways and platforms

CAT 995 platform set: This is a set of 3 platforms that is used for a CAT front end loader. The whole assembly fits around the loader and all the platforms are movable by forklift.

CAT955 Platform Set

Below are some more examples of bespoke platforms Dynamic Engineering designed. They were designed to comply with the principles of AS1657 and have been stress checked at a load of 250kg – resulting in high safety factors for a long lasting, hassle free work life.

2.8m high movable steps with stabilising jacks and swing gate

Movable steps with stabilising jacks

Cantilevered access platforms

Over wheel access platforms

Dynamic Engineering Consultants can design mobile platforms to suit your specific needs. Contact us to discuss your requirements. If you need a more robust platform design, Dynamic Engineering can assist with this as well.