Civil / Structural Design and Certification

Dynamic Engineering also provides civil or structural design certification services to Australian Standards. Structural work comprises footings and foundations – including drive-in sumps and retaining walls. In addition, we can also assist you with project management of new installations or expansion projects.

We specialise in modelling, analysing and certifying your structural designs. Typical applications include lifting lugs and frames, load bearing structures and foundations.

Below are some examples of our recent work.

Here is an example of a container lifter foundation:

structural design

Container lifter foundation

New exhaust stack foundation being poured in Port Hedland:

structural design

Dust extractor foundation being poured

We have also done building cladding projects:

This is a photo of the building BEFORE we installed the cladding system:

Building prior to installation of cladding

This is the cladding system design we developed:

New cladding system

This is a photo of the cladding system being installed:

Cladding being installed

Conveyor structural checks:

Below is an example where we performed a structural check on a conveyor manufacturer’s design using Space gass:

structural design

Space gass model of conveyor structure

Below is a photo of the conveyors on site.

Structural check completed for these conveyors

Structural check completed for these conveyors

Our clear, well-proven methodologies help identify new and innovative ways of delivering improvements.

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