Radiation Source Cradle Design and Supply

A radiation source cradle was designed to assist plant metallurgists to easily and safely move radiation sources (gauges) around inside a process plant.

Aluminium cradle

Due to the weight of the source the cradle was designed to that it can be carried by two people. To keep the weight to a minimum, the cradle’s design called for aluminium for its construction. To make it multi functional (to move different sizes of radiation gauges) it was fitted with spacers, which could be moved into place very easily. It was also furnished with a stainless steel nameplate that contained information regarding the load rating and use.

Below is the CAD model of the cradle showing the smaller gauge in place. Rod spacers are used to ensure the gauge is safely secured. These rods are designed for easy fitting and removal.

Radiation Cradle

Concept radiation source cradle

The design was finalised with Finite Element Analysis where the stresses and deflection were determined to ensure that it was below the permissible values according to Australian Standards.

The picture below shows the stresses in the cradle:

Stresses in cradle

Below the deflection is shown:

Deflection plot

After our client has approved the design, the cradle was fabricated and shipped to site, ready for use.

Radiation Source Cradle

Fabricated radiation source cradle

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