Modular Minesite Washbay Vehicle Ramp Design

Dynamic Engineering Consultants recently completed a 5T capacity Modular Minesite Washbay Vehicle Ramp Design for one of our clients. The client requirements were:

1) Constructed from large welded assemblies that can be transported easily and that would minimise construction time on site Рmodular.

2) Galvanised surface treatment.

3) Open sections to make it easy to monitor corrosion and damage.

4) Capable of handling certain site vehicles.

5) Fully compliant with the relevant Australian Standards.

6) 5T capacity.

7) Incorporated vehicle wheel guides (safety).

The final design for this ramp is shown below. It complied with all of the above requirements and is currently installed at a few minesites around WA. It was constructed in four large sections that was bolted together on site with splice plates and was also attached to the concrete with mechanical anchors. The all-important feedback that was received from our clients are very positive. The ramp was easy to transport, easy to install, had a quality construction and was easy to use. It is an example of a simple design that just works.

3D model 5T capacity vehicle ramp

3D model 5T capacity vehicle ramp

Photos of the Modular Minesite Washbay Vehicle Ramp Design during construction and testing:

Actual ramp during construction

Actual ramp during construction


Washbay vehicle ramp

Actual ramp during testing

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