Sample Scoop

Dynamic Engineering Consultants can help you with your scoop sampling needs.

One of our clients had an existing sample scoop which was unable to keep up with the slurry flow. This resulted in spillage and unnecessary additional maintenance costs. Below is the existing scoop; the spillage can be clearly seen:

Existing sample scoop

Consequently our client requested Dynamic Engineering to design and supply a larger scoop to handle the flow. Following discussions with the client, the scoop was optimally design to withstand this high flow. It was also enlarged to avoid spillage, while still being able to fit in the existing space. This 3D model was analysed with Finite Element Analysis and below the stress analysis is shown. In addition fabrication drawings were also made.

Stress analysis

Afterwards the scoop was fabricated and shipped to the client.

sample scoop
Fabricated sample scoop

In addition Dynamic Engineering can design some manual sample scoops to easily obtain samples for metallurgists. The manual scoop below has a long reach and a scooping mechanism at the handle to gain access in tight spaces.

sample scoop
Manual sampler scoop

When analysing any new designs, the Australian Standards AS 3990 are taken into account.

We bring together and offer proven expertise in engineering analysis and best practice in its implementation. Contact us to discuss your requirements.