Special projects

Because engineering principles can be applied to a variety of problems, we sometimes get involved in projects that are a bit out of the ordinary. The example below is just one such a project.

Have you got a project that are special or in some way different to the norm? We may be able to help.

In response to problems encountered with a competitor designed water tank, Dynamic Engineering Consultants was contracted to design a new water tank for one of our international clients. With the help of FEA we were able to fine tune the design to achieve acceptable material strength while minimising construction costs. We were also able to predict deflection due to hydrostatic forces very accurately, making sure that the problems experienced on earlier (competitor) designs did not re-surface.

A stress and deflection plot of the design is given below:

Stress plot of the tank under hydrostatic pressure
Stress plot of the tank under hydrostatic pressure


Deflection plot of the tank


The actual training watertank