Safety Related Equipment Design

At Dynamic Engineering Consultants we can design, certify and supply specialised safety equipment that is tailored to the client’s specific requirements. This will ensure that no compromises would have to be made in the implementation of safety related/critical processes and procedures. Below are some examples of recent safety equipment design that we did: a drill cradle, scissor lift, tyre cage and cement kibble.

A drill cradle is used to hold the drill head in place (avoid damage and injuries associated with drill head coming loose).

Drill cradle

This scissor lift was designed to improve access to dump truck rim parts.

Scissor lift

A tyre cage was modelled and analysed with non-linear Finite Element Analysis to see if it would be able to withstand a tyre burst event.

Tyre cage

A cement kibble was modelled and analysed to see if it would safely lift 1T. In addition the kibble also comes equipped with forklift guides.

Cement kibble