Plate racks

Dynamic Engineering has designed and built several vertical and horizontal plate racks depending on our client’s requirements. Likewise these racks are available in either welded or bolted configurations, making the design very flexible. In addition, the plate racks are also equipped with lifting lugs for easy loading and unloading for transport purposes. These racks are designed to Australian Standards AS3390.

An example of a welded horizontal plate rack are given below. This rack had a 10T capacity, but designs can be tailored to the client’s needs. The fabricated rack is shown first, followed by the 3D model.

Fabricated plate rack

Horizontal plate rack

Horizontal plate rack

One of our clients required a rack to store square bundles of rods. They had limited space and needed to have as large a storage space as possible, while have enough space for a forklift to place the rods onto the shelves. Below is a 3D model of the final design.

Rod rack

A typical design analysis consists of three parts. The first part is to convert the client’s design into a 3D model, see below:

3D model of rack

Secondly the various loads and constraints are added to the model and with Finite Element Analysis to determine the stresses and deflection of the model.

Stresses in rack

Deflection in rack

The above deflection is exaggerated for easy visual reference.

Lastly Dynamic Engineering issues a report certifying the design along with shop drawings, if required by the client. If the design is not compliant with the Standards, then we would, in conjunction with our client, modify the design until it complied.

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