Movable Aluminium Platform and Stairway Design

Dynamic Engineering Consultants designs movable/transportable aluminium access platforms/stairways.

Mobile platforms offer a safe way of doing maintenance at elevated positions. This type of platform is made from Aluminium and can be easily moved into place. Further safety features include a self-closing and lockable wheels. In addition, jacks can be added to raise the platform to ensure the correct height every time.

These steps were designed to┬ácomply with the principles of AS1657 and have been stress checked at a load of 250kg – resulting in safety factors exceeding 4.

If you have an application for these, please contact us.

2.8m high access stairway with stabilizing jacks and swing gate

Access stairways:

Cantilevered platforms


CAT 995 platform set : This is a set of 3 platforms that is used for a CAT front end loader. All the platforms are movable by forklift and the whole assembly fits around the loader.

CAT995 Platform set

Over wheel access platforms:

Over wheel access platform

Double stair platforms:

Movable steps with stabilizing jacks



Completed access stairways and platforms

Completed access stairways and platforms