Machine design and analysis

Machine design and analysis can be a laborious task. Dynamic Engineering Consultants has the capability to analyse existing and new machinery by means of 3D modelling and finite element analysis. All our work is to the relevant Australian Standards. This is a cost and time effective technique.

We have the following capabilities:

1) Linear Analysis

2) Buckling

3) Frequency analysis

4) Non linear analysis

And many more.

Examples of machine design where Dynamic Engineering used the above capabilities are given below:

3D Modelling:

3D model of drill rig

Linear Analysis:

machine design

Stress analysis during clamping action for drill rig

The completed drill rig (designed and analysed by Dynamic Engineering) is shown below:

machine design

Actual drill rig being tested


For a tall stand, buckling can become an issue and below a buckling analysis is shown:

Buckling analysis showing buckling load factors

Do you have similar requirements? Dynamic Engineering provides a quick and flexible response to your immediate needs. We bring together and offer proven expertise in engineering analysis and best practice in its implementation. Our flexible approach also means that no assignment is too small. From experience we know that something that starts as a one-off priority task often turns into a long-term relationship. We can help to design, develop and install new processes or equipment, improve existing ones and reduce or eliminate downtime. Contact us to find out more.