Process Improvements and Fault-finding

At Dynamic Engineering we understand that our clients are always pushing to improve productivity, whilst at the same time reducing maintenance related delays. Dynamic Engineering can help with these process improvements.

Sometimes plants have not been optimised and a relatively small production bottleneck can make a big difference to the overall productivity of a process plant. We can help to design, develop and install new processes or equipment, improve existing ones and reduce or eliminate downtime. We support plant operation at every level; establish essential designs, monitor performance and achieve approvals. After all, production is the name of the game.

Dynamic Engineering can provide a custom solution to your problem by performing detailed slurry or water pump calculations. In addition, we can help improving throughput by resizing slurry pumps and piping systems and designing pump foundations / skids. This is done whilst still keeping impeller tip speeds low enough to achieve satisfactory wear rates. Below are some examples of excessive linear wear due to incorrect sizing.

process improvements

Incorrectly sized pump resulting in excessive liner wear

Liner wear

Liner wear

Our clear, well-proven methodologies can help identify new and innovative ways of delivering improvements. All our work done is according to the relevant Australian Standards.

Contact us to discuss how Dynamic Engineering can assist with your process improvements.