Kibble systems (Back up ball charging)

After being mined, mills use small steel balls to grind ore smaller for further processing. To load and unload these steel balls, kibble systems are used. This provides a safe and easier way to charge mill chutes or inlets. Dynamic Engineering can design kibble systems to suit your unique mining operation.

An example of such a back up ball charging system is given below:

After consultation with our client, the system is designed to ensure it is suitable for the application and in accordance with Australian Standards. The kibble is analysed with finite element analysis to check the stresses and deflections so that the design can be strengthened for a long work life.

An example of a stress plot can be seen below:

kibble systems

Finite element model and stress analysis

Below are some photos of the fabricated kibble being used on site. First the kibble is being charged with mill balls. Its size and design makes filling the kibble an easy task.

Kibble being charged

Then it is moved into position and the balls are discharged into the system:

Kibble discharge system in use

We take into account mine site structural constraints to find the best solution for moving the kibble in place and utilise existing equipment where possible. Contact us to discuss your specific mine site requirements.