Crane Attachment Design

Dynamic Engineering can design and analyse crane attachments to our clients' requirements.

We recently completed a specialised crane attachment design that addressed the end client’s need to do maintenance in a restricted area. Not only were there height restrictions, but the access angle at which the crane operated was restricted as well. In addition, we also needed to design the attachment taking into consideration safety requirements and the specifications of Australian Standard AS1418.

To complete this design in a timely manner, we analysed it with Finite Element Analysis. First we made a model of the crane attachment and then added the required loads. Afterwards, we determined the stresses and deflections in the plate to ensure it was below the maximum values allowed.

Below is the 3D model of the crane attachment design:

crane attachment design
Design of crane attachment, shown connected to the boom

Afterwards it was manufactured, load tested and is now in use by the client:

crane attachment design
Fabricated crane attachment fitted onto boom

The load testing is shown below:

Crane attachment load test

Here the crane attachment is in use:

Crane attachment in place ready for use

Reports form our client indicate that this attachment improved their maintenance procedures by reducing maintenance time and also made the whole process safer. After all, efficiency and safety improvements are core values at Dynamic Engineering Consultants.

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