Crusher GET Ejection Protection Frame

Dynamic Engineering Consultants designed a crusher GET ejection protection frame to reduce a major hazard.

Under certain circumstances a crusher can eject ground engaging tool (GET) bits. The GET pieces can get stuck in the crusher and can be ejected under immense pressure. In some cases they only get stuck and has to be removed. Dynamic Engineering was engaged by one of our minig clients to design a crusher GET ejection protection frame.

This object can then fly through the air and could seriously injure or kill anyone that happens to be in the way. To reduce this major hazard and create a safe working environment, an ejection frame can be fitted over the crusher chute. However, care should be exercised as, although the GET ejection protection frame would prevent the ejection of the GET tool, it can trap this piece of steel inside the crusher and chute and may lead to damaged equipment. For this reason the frame must be fitted with impact sensors to alert the operator of an ejection event.

In order to remove the GET items from the chute, the frame has been equipped with a hydraulic ram that will enable the frame to be opened easily. The “gate” part of the frame is also locked in place by means of hydraulically activated pins.

The example below shows a GET ejection frame for a jaw crusher.

The above is one specific example but Dynamic Engineering Consultants can design a system that is specific to our client’s application. Give us a call or contact us today to discuss your specific requirements.