Mezzanine structures

Designing and installing a bespoke mezzanine structure may provide a business with an economically viable solution to increase workshop or warehouse floor area within an existing building.

Dynamic Engineering can assist with the design and drafting associated with tailored mezzanine structures – specifically in cases where the structure has to have a high capacity or where it is exposed to repeated or dynamic loads. We take all the requirements into consideration when designing the mezzanine and ensure that it complies with the applicable Australian Standards as well.

By modelling and analyzing our client’s existing mezzanine structure, we can also work “backwards” to determine the WLL or SWL or MRC (maximum rated capacity) – if this is not known.

As part of the design process we can evaluate the effect of the following on the mezzanine structures:

  • Dynamic loads (like pallet forks)
  • Live loads
  • Dead loads
  • Load combinations

We can also assist our client with their decision-making process by overlaying the new mezzanine design onto the client’s existing building design. This is done by means of the 3D model and, once approved, we can use the same 3d model for the fabrication shop drawings. We can also design and detail any footings (if required).

Below is the proposed mezzanine structure with the building. As no two buildings are exactly the same, this will ensure that the mezzanine is a seamless addition.

mezzanine structures
Example of a mezzanine structure shown in building (transparent)
Example of a mezzanine structure shown without building

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