Determining the rated capacity (WLL SWL MRC) of a structure / component

Dynamic Engineering can help our clients in determining the WLL / SWL / MRC of an existing structure/component.

Sometimes a client has a structure or equipment such as a work stand that they have been using for a while but for which they have no engineering paperwork or alternatively, the nameplate showing the rated capacity has gone missing.

In such cases we can help our client to show compliance with the relevant Australian Standards and mine or safety regulations by applying the following basic process:

  • Measuring up the existing structure/component by manual measuring or laser scanning. These measurements will also include welding sizes and may include materials testing with a spectrometer.
  • Modelling the structure/component in a structural analysis program
  • Applying loads, load factors and load combinations as dictated by the way the structure/component is used
  • Analysing the stresses, strains and deflections of the model in relation to the applied loads and ensuring that this complies with the relevant Australian Standards
  • Generating design drawings and a design calculation report
  • Generating nameplate drawings

Depending on the application the physical component may also be subjected to a physical load test to prove the design calculations in practice under safe conditions and also to reduce the risk associated with unknown welding documentation.

The example below shows an actual stand in use for years:

rated capacity
Actual item

Following is a sketch showing the dimensions measured on site:

Site measurements

These measurements are then used to create a 3D model, loads are then added to the model to find the anticipated stresses and deflections of the stand.

3D model and drawings

By analysing the 3D model the rated capacity of the stand can be determined.

rated capacity

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