Vibratory Screen Support Structures and associated Chutes, Hoppers and Piping Design

Dynamic Engineering can assist our clients to improve plant throughput by designing screen support structures

Mining process facilities are always looking at ways to improve plant efficiency and as a result productivity. But, sometimes the physical size of existing equipment, screen support structures, chutes and hoppers limit this throughput. That is where Dynamic Engineering can be of service by providing a one-stop design solution. This solution could include the following, depending on the specific project requirements:

  1. Civil design of concrete slab and pedestal modifications
  2. Structural analysis of the screen support steelwork – including vibration analysis
  3. Mechanical and structural design of chutes, hoppers and pipework
  4. Pump design calculations
  5. 3D modelling of all new equipment
  6. Detail general arrangements of new equipment
  7. Shop drawings of steelwork and chutes

Below is an example of a project we recently completed for one of our mining clients. For this project we provided a complete design service as outlined above. We also held weekly design meetings with our client to ensure that we captured all their requirements, even the ones that only became apparent after the design phase was well underway. In this way we were able to produce a design, which satisfied the client’s requirements and objectives.

Carbon safety screen
Screen structure view 1
screen support structures
Screen structure view 2 (stair handrails not shown)

Do you have similar requirements for screen support structures? Please contact us to discuss your needs and see how our many years of experience can be of assistance to you. In addition, all our work is done to the relevant Australian Standards.