Research and Development Projects

Dynamic Engineering Consultants can help you with your engineering R&D projects.

Sometimes an off-the-shelf solution is just not available or the solution may be obvious, but you just don’t have the time or resources to take the next step to get that project done. That is where we can help you with your research and development projects.

Dynamic Engineering has successfully completed several research and development projects for our clients. So, we understand that R&D projects evolve over time and can require a few iterations. Rest assured that we have been through this process many times before and can guide you through the process.

In broad terms, the engineering R&D process can be summarized in 4 stages:

  1. Specification, research and feasibility stage
  2. Design stage
  3. Construction and fabrication stage
  4. Evaluation stage
Research and Development Projects
Cyclic nature of the R & D process

Below is an example of an R&D project we have participated in for one of our clients:

Research and Development Projects
3D model
Actual system during assembly

Another example is shown below, first the 3D model, followed by the fabricated jacking system.

3d model of jacking system
Actual jacking system during preliminary testing

As we do all the drafting and analysis by means of 3D modelling, we can also develop rendered images that can be used in brochures and technical manuals. In addition, all work is done according to the relevant Australian Standards. So contact us to take your idea to actual reality.