Pedestrian Bridge Design

Over the years, Dynamic Engineering has successfully designed pedestrian bridges in cyclone and non cyclone areas.

pedestrian bridge

A pedestrian bridge design provides readily and safe access to areas for people where sidewalks are not available. Our design includes the civil (footings) and structural design of the bridges. In addition it complies with the relevant Australian Standards (AS 5100). It is painted with a high quality coating to withstand exposure to the elements and to ensure a long life span.

Below are some pictures of similar bridges:

Foot bridge
Pedestrian bridge

We use Finite Element Analysis for the pedestrian bridge design to ensure the bridge is strong enough and fit for purpose. The first picture below shows the Space Gass model of a bridge, following with the fabricated bridge installed on site.

Pedestrian Bridge Design
Space Gass model of bridge
pedestrian bridge
Installed bridge

The best designs are likely to amount to nothing if they are not implemented properly. Due to our practical experience on operating plants and mine sites, we understand that quality assurance and project management are integral to the overall success of a project.

Whether we operate as independent subcontractors or as part of our client’s team, we provide a quality service. Furthermore we aim to exceed expectations as this will lead to a good and long term relationship with our clients. To see how Dynamic Engineering can help you, please contact us to discuss your needs.