Civil and structural facility audits

To ensure the satisfactory performance of a plant, Dynamic Engineering can perform structural facility inspections.

We conduct civil and structural facility audits to help our clients provide a safe working environment for their employees. Also, it can pick up any structural issues before they turn into problems with a resultant production down time. These audits are typically divided into three phases: site visit, report write up and lastly individual repair procedures.

Phase 1 Site visit

The audit starts off with a site visit where our engineers do a detailed inspection of our client’s facilities. The duration of the inspection depends on the size of the facilities and the severity of any problems encountered. After inspecting the facility, our experienced structural engineer compiles a report of the site visit.

structural facility audits
Site visit

Phase 2 Compile report: outcome of civil and structural facility audits

Initially, our engineers put together a detailed report back at base. Then we expand on this report to include photos and a description of the problems. In addition, the problems are grouped together in terms of severity. Furthermore, the report will also provide a clear direction as to which areas must receive attention first. Also included is the timeframe in which it should be rectified. This will give the client direction on what areas to fix first to avoid safety hazards or production loss.

Phase 3 Repair procedures

If required by our client, we can also help with specific repair procedures for the problems encountered. Here are more information on repair strategies.

Whether we operate as independent subcontractors or as part of our client’s team, we aim to provide a quality service that will lead to a long term relationship with our clients. So, to discuss your inspection needs or to book civil and structural facility audits, please contact us.