Removable chute


Dynamic Engineering recently took on a design project. The goal was to convert an existing conveyor chute for easy removal. Our client was experiencing delays in repairing the chute liner plates (, which led them to search for quicker repair methods. One innovative solution was to turn the existing chute into a removable one for quick replacement. Dynamic Engineering eagerly took on this challenge to develop the chute system. This highlighted our commitment to finding effective solutions for our clients despite it being unconventional.

The removable chute solution

We added more flanges to the chute for high wear areas. We also put wheels on it for easier positioning. To remove it, we lower it onto the rails, pull it out, and then use a lifting system from to bring it to the ground. We use a crane to bring in a standby chute, connect it to the lifting system, and then reverse the process. This way, we can do repairs in the workshop after the shutdown. Plus, the welder doesn’t have to work inside the chute, which makes the repair process safer.

Removable chute system
Chute removal system

Here’s a view of the removable chute, showing the wheels and the positioning of the flange above them. Additionally, you can see a leg at the back, which aids in stabilizing the chute when it’s lowered to the ground.

Removable chute
Removable chute

Do you have a similar application? Do you also want to take advantage of the reduced downtime and higher safety that this removable chute system has to offer? Hit the “contact us” tab now and give us a call so that we can discuss your requirements