Design Certification Service

Computer assisted stress analysis streamlines the certification of equipment. A 3d-computer model takes the guesswork out of new designs. Changes can be made quickly and inexpensively and the result can be checked straightaway. With Finite Element Analysis (FEA) different loads can be applied, including gravity, remote force and torque. The resultant stresses and deflection can be checked against design specifications. The first step in computer modelling is drawing the equipment or tool in three dimensions. The CAD software then meshes the model by subdividing it into smaller elements. The loads and constraints are added and the resultant stresses and deflections are calculated for each of these numerous elements. Lastly stress/deflection equations are solved for each of these elements and the results are combined to find the overall solution. Below are some stress analysis examples showing the resultant stresses.

Engine Stand:

engine stand

3D model of an engine stand

Track Guide Lifter:

track guide lifter

3D model of track guide lifter

Jacking Tool:

3D model of jacking tool

Belt Reel Frame:

3D model of reel drum frame