Certified Stillages

With over twenty years of experience in designing mining and industrial equipment, we bring a wealth of expertise to the table. You can explore our extensive portfolio on the Dynamic Engineering website ( We also leverage this extensive experience in the design of custom certified stillages and cages. These certified solutions enhance how your business …

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typical industrial winch

Winch Support Frame

Mechanical tools known as industrial winches serve the purpose of pulling loads, executing actions like drawing in, letting out, or regulating rope or cable tension. This typically involves coiling a rope or cable around a drum or barrel. If you’re looking for a reliable supplier for electrical industrial winches, you can visit In some …

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Transport Cradle Design

Ensuring the safe loading of your vehicle or trailer is crucial when transporting any type of load. This requires implementing an effective transport cradle design. The primary objective is to safeguard not only yourself, but also other road users and your passengers, while also preventing any damage to road infrastructure. To accomplish this, take care …

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Removable chute

Background Dynamic Engineering recently took on a design project. The goal was to convert an existing conveyor chute for easy removal. Our client was experiencing delays in repairing the chute liner plates (, which led them to search for quicker repair methods. One innovative solution was to turn the existing chute into a removable one …

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Flat pattern drawing

3D Modeling and Drafting

Dynamic Engineering Consultants offers comprehensive solutions for optimizing fabrication efficiency through cutting-edge 3D modeling and drafting services. Our process starts with meticulous measurements or 3D scanning of existing fabrications or creating new designs from scratch. We use state-of-the-art Solidworks TM software to craft 3D models with precision, enabling swift item simulations and adjustments before …

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Have you recently received a Worksafe notice concerning equipment that don’t display WLL (Working Load Limit) rating or MRC (Maximum Rated Capacity) labelling? Are you in possession of equipment without a WLL or MRC tag, leaving you uncertain about its capacity? Do you have in-house manufactured equipment and need a WLL MRC rating for …