Impact damage and wear of a cyclone barrel

A cyclone barrel’s 3D model was analysed with Finite Element Analysis and CFD to determine if it would be structurally adequate to resist the impact force associated with the air stream and ore particles

Our client ask us to determine if a cyclone barrel was sufficiently strong enough without the use of an over centre clamp (which had failed). In other words, the barrel had to be structurally strong enough to resist the impact forces. These impact forces arise from air stream and ore particles. This requirement was needed to comply with Australian Standard AS3990. To ascertain this, Dynamic Engineering created a 3D model and analysed it with Finite Element Analysis and CFD. For example, by calculating a bulk density for the flow stream (air and the ore particles), the force acting on the plate was calculated. We then applied this force was to the 3D model and used FEA to evaluate the stresses and deflections.

 The photo below shows the actual barrel:

Failed cyclone barrel clamp

Below is the 3D flow through the barrel:

Cyclone Barrel

Flow distribution inside barrel

Following is a picture of the deflection:

FEA model of cyclone barrel

FEA model of cyclone barrel

By using our expertise as opposed to using one of the larger engineering consulting companies, our client was able to make significant monetary and time savings as a result. As shown above, we aim to exceed expectations and provide a quality service that will lead to a long-term relationship with our clients. Contact us today to see how we can help you.