Maintenance Equipment Design

Have you got a maintenance improvement project that requires engineering input? Do you require design certification for your existing maintenance tools?

Or are you tired of the big consultancies not performing to your expectations or not giving your projects the attention they deserve?

The chances are that we have completed a similar project and that will be able to help you. Why re-invent the wheel? We specialise in the design and certification of maintenance tools, jigs, frames and equipment. Examples include hydraulic push and pullers, forklift attachments, transport frames and so forth.

Contact us now to discuss your specific needs or scroll down for examples of recently completed projects.

Mobile Aluminium Platforms

Mobile Aluminium platforms and stairways offer a safe way of performing maintenance at elevated positions. As such they provide a cost effective alternative to conventional scaffolding. Furthermore this type of platform is made from Aluminium and maintenance staff can easily move it into place. Further safety features include a self-closing gate and lockable wheels. In addition, jacks can be added to raise the platform to ensure the correct height every time.

Contact Dynamic Engineering to design purpose built mobile Aluminium platforms and stairways to mine specifications.

Below are some examples of recent completed designs.

Completed access stairways and platforms

CAT 995 platform set: This is a set of 3 platforms that is used for a CAT front end loader. The whole assembly fits around the loader and all the platforms are movable by forklift.

CAT955 Platform Set

Below are some more examples of bespoke platforms Dynamic Engineering designed. They were designed to comply with the principles of AS1657 and have been stress checked at a load of 250kg – resulting in high safety factors for a long lasting, hassle free work life.

2.8m high movable steps with stabilising jacks and swing gate

Movable steps with stabilising jacks

Cantilevered access platforms

Over wheel access platforms

Dynamic Engineering Consultants can design mobile platforms to suit your specific needs. Contact us to discuss your requirements. If you need a more robust platform design, Dynamic Engineering can assist with this as well.

Monorail Design Checks and Certification

Corrosion is part of everyday life in an underground mine and when equipment has been in use for several years, it can become a safety concern. Dynamic Engineering Consultants can assist with your monorail design check and certification. We were requested to determine if an existing corroded monorail beam is still fit for purpose and if not, to specify repairs. Structural analysis (based on Australian Standards AS1418) was done to determine the minimum required thicknesses of the beam to support the hoisted load. The thicknesses were then compared with the actual thickness of the beam to ascertain if the beam was still strong enough and a repair procedure was developed accordingly.


Monorail beam with some corrosion

Container monorails

When a shipping container is used to transport heavy items, monorails are sometimes installed inside that can extend outside the container. This is used to lift and move items from inside of the container. Dynamic Engineering was asked to design such a retractable container monorail according to the relevant Australian Standards (AS1418). In addition, the support beams, which connected to the container needed to be strong enough and were included in the design. DEC took the client’s initial concept and turned it into a working model with fabrication drawings. The following picture show the final design.

Final monorail design

Maintenance Tools Design Certification

Sometimes a specific job requires a particular tool that is not available off the shelf. In these cases, in the interest of safety, the tool may have to be certified for certain loads. Dynamic Engineering can assist our clients by certifying tool designs for certain applications and loads. This maintenance tools design certification is always done against a specific Australian Standard and requires the following:

1) Fixed design (Generally the design is fixed in terms of an accurate drawing that states the processes (welding etc) as well as the material standard and grades.

2) Fixed or specified loads (torque, Force etc).

First the tool is modelled and analysed with Finite Element Analysis. Then the loads are applied and the stresses and deflections are determined. The design is tweaked until the stresses are lower than what is permissible according to the Australian Standards.

Some examples are given below:

Push/Puller Model

maintenance tools design certification

3D model of Hydraulic Push Puller

Stress Analysis of puller

Stress Analysis of Puller

Stress plot of push puller under design load

Lifting bracket

lifting bracket

3D model of lifting bracket

Stress Analysis of lifting bracket

maintenance tools design certification

Stress Plot of lifting Bracket (including bolt stress)

The above are just two of literally hundreds of design certification of maintenance tools we have completed. If you have a specific maintenance tool that you would like to get certified please contact us.

Machine design and analysis

Machine design and analysis can be a laborious task. Dynamic Engineering Consultants has the capability to analyse existing and new machinery by means of 3D modelling and finite element analysis. All our work is to the relevant Australian Standards. This is a cost and time effective technique.

We have the following capabilities:

1) Linear Analysis

2) Buckling

3) Frequency analysis

4) Non linear analysis

And many more.

Examples of machine design where Dynamic Engineering used the above capabilities are given below:

3D Modelling:

3D model of drill rig

Linear Analysis:

machine design

Stress analysis during clamping action for drill rig

The completed drill rig (designed and analysed by Dynamic Engineering) is shown below:

machine design

Actual drill rig being tested


For a tall stand, buckling can become an issue and below a buckling analysis is shown:

Buckling analysis showing buckling load factors

Do you have similar requirements? Dynamic Engineering provides a quick and flexible response to your immediate needs. We bring together and offer proven expertise in engineering analysis and best practice in its implementation. Our flexible approach also means that no assignment is too small. From experience we know that something that starts as a one-off priority task often turns into a long-term relationship. We can help to design, develop and install new processes or equipment, improve existing ones and reduce or eliminate downtime. Contact us to find out more.

Maintenance Stand Design

Dynamic Engineering specializes in high capacity maintenance stand design. These stands are designed using the principles of AS2538 and experience gained in this field over a period of 10 years.

Stability and strength as well as ease of handling are taken into account during the design process.

From a design point of view a tool called Finite Element Analysis is applied to each design, making it possible to ensure that the stand has adequate capacity to resist deformation and buckling.

All designs are engineer certified – meaning that a Chartered Engineer, Registered with Engineers Australia, has signed off on the design.

Below is an example of one of our many designs. These stands have a 200T capacity (100T each side) and is used for wheeled loaders in the Mining Industry. Feel free to contact us with your specific requirements.

3D model of the Maintenance stand

Stress Plot after loads have been applied

Actual maintenance stand set

115T stand with pneumatically actuated wheels

Curved top stand with spring loaded wheels

Dump trucks are large and heavy vehicles and thus require very sturdy maintenance ramps. In addition, our client needs to be able to move the ramps easily. Dynamic Engineering designed the ramps, which fulfil both requirements. The ramp was designed in accordance with the Australian Standards and was made strong enough to withstand the load of the truck. The ramp can simply be moved with a forklift. It includes sleeves to prevent the forklift guides from damaging the ramp structure.

Dump truck ramp

Many of our clients are happy to fabricate their own equipment, but need help converting their concept ideas into a design that complies with the Australian Standards. Dynamic Engineering works with the client, fine tuning the maintenance stand design until complies, and can then assist with generating accurate fabrication drawings.

In one such an example, our client wanted to analyse a drill mast stand with a WLL = 25T. Below is the concept along with the final design.

Client’s concept

Final Design

The concept had to undergo several modifications to comply with the stress, deflection, stability, buckling requirements. In addition the pins were checked to see if they were strong enough and finally the stand was checked while being lifted with the forklift.

Finite Element Analysis